Alt Lifestyle Club


Alt Lifestyle Club is now offering free advertising to lifestyle clubs in the UK, USA and Australia in order to enhance the online experience for its members.


Alt Lifestyle is primarily a lifestyle matchmaking site run by Tracy and Tim. We have been active in the lifestyle for many years and now own along with other associated domains.


We have noticed that lifestyle clubs and their locations are limited in their advertising on websites. We have therefore created a unique advertising formula by offering clubs the opportunity to be listed by location, alongside user profiles. This makes it simple for users to find venues in their locality and be matched with venues, even if they are travelling.


By including clubs as profiles, we offer a unique service to our clients by enhancing their experience and by adding to your clientele. In return, we may contact you in order to visit and write a positive review of your venue or to ask you to submit a user review for inclusion on AltLifestyle.


If you wish to advertise your venue with us for free, please follow the instructions below:


  1. Visit and choose to “Join Now”;
  2. Enter a single word username e.g. MyClubName;
  3. Enter your email address (this is not shown to users);
  4. Enter your password;Select “Club” as your gender;
  5. Tick all options under “Looking For” (unless your club caters for specific groups);


 Fig 1

Fig 1: Screenshot 1 of registering your business profile.


  1. Click next;
  2. Enter your actual club name under “Profile Name”;
  3. Under “Age”, enter Jan 1 2002 (This is a database requirement for profiles but is not utilised for clubs);
  4. Enter your location by city/locality or actual address (some clubs do not release their actual address);
  5. Enter your website address. Clients will be able to click this as a link;
  6. Add a photo that depicts your company. This will be moderated and approved post-registration;
  7. Agree with Terms of Use and enter Captcha; and
  8. Click “Join”


Fig 2

Fig 2: Screenshot 2 of registering your business profile.


Your company will now be listed under “Clubs” by location, along with user profiles. Users will be able to search for you by location and under “Club” and will be shown the link to your website.


Fig 3

Fig 3: How a business is shown in list format when searching a location.

Fig 4

Fig 4: How a business is shown in map format when searching a location.


There are no requirements to update your profile unless you change your email, static address or website address. Alternatively, you may wish to add more details about yourself on your profile page. You will also have access to create “Events”, “Groups” and the “Forum” if you wish to advertise further.


If you feel you are able to promote at your venue, please contact us at so we may provide you with appropriate media.


We look forward to seeing you on our site soon.


Kind regards,


Tracy and Tim


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