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DATING A UNICORN, A NIGHT TO REMEMBER Part 1 of 2 from admin's blog

It happens a lot in this game of sex, dating and people, and it is a game. We play and it's edgy and that's what Tim and I get off on. It's outside the norm and, as we were discussing today, it's not acceptable in society. If it was, we probably wouldn't be doing it.

So I send a couple of texts because I know our manicorn for the night is going to a party during the day. The kind of text that lets him off the hook and removes any pressure. "If you're free after the party, drop me a text and we'll let you know if we are still up and ready to play and you can come over"... nothing. That's ok, it happens for all manner of reasons. There's a girlfriend hidden away, maybe he's just backed out because it isn't easy meeting up with a couple on your own. So we make backup plans!

We contact our sexy couple to see if they are free. Nope, and that's the way it goes when you have a family. We've been trying to catch up with them for a long time but it's difficult to match calendars. She gives me a call and we decide we are going to grab a hotel room in the next few weeks and have an awesome night. More details to come.

Tim picks out a few guys online and we contact one of them and get a reply. At this point, we don't know if we have been ghosted by manicorn so we arrange to meet for a drink with manicorn 2 with the usual "don't be upset if it's just a drink, we like to chat and then play later." He's good at picking out matches, sometimes, other times it has been a bit hit and miss. So, we get ready, put on some sexy clothing, my black short shorts and a nice top. Tim in white shorts and a shirt. Feeling hot! We jump into the Uber and arrive a few minutes late. The obligatory apology by mail on the way to keep him informed.

We arrive at the swanky bar. It's surrounded by a swimming pool and there are little hide away areas to sit and chat. It's as good as full and as we walk in and order drinks we gaze around. There he is, very close to the bar, seated on a high stool at a table. Tim immediately introduces himself and shakes his hand with a smile and he smiles back. He looks just like his picture and he's pretty hot. A bit younger than us but that's cool. Actually, that's hot too! I grab the drinks and after a hunt around we have enough chairs for all of us and we sit and chat about life, what we do, where we've been, the usual. Did I mention he's hot!

Tim and I have our codes and moves. We will know if one or both of us are in or out and you would never know. After a couple of drinks, we knew we were both in. I looked him in the eyes and asked, "So, would you like to come back for a spa and to play?" He was delighted. I lent in and kissed him on the lips, I could tell he was nervous. That would have been a little weird to anyone taking any notice in the bar, I'd arrived with Tim, we were touching each other all night and then I'm kissing the other guy. You have to laugh, there was no other reason than we had picked him up. Did I mention edgy earlier?

We took an Uber and he arrived shortly afterwards in his car. The house was set, lighting was red (we have the lighting connected to Google, the type where you can change colour and brightness by talking to them). We had wine behind our bar, the spa was ready and the cross up in the bedroom. Oh yes, the cross. We had to explain that we thought we'd be home alone tonight. Manicorn 1 ghosted, we weren't sure about meeting him and so we had all the toys out. A little weird for a first time but it worked out well.

We had put some cards on the table. Men's and women's. Pick a card, do that action, put it to one side. Next person, pick a card... you get it. The actions are kissing, massaging, oral, full sex in different positions and everything in between. They're a fun way to break the ice. So we poured drinks, he picked a card and read it. At this point, it was on. We didn't need cards, I needed the spa. I stood him up, kissed him and stripped him. "We don't need cards, we're having a spa," I said. I pulled down his shorts, dropped to my knees and put his pretty hard penis in my mouth. That was it, he moaned as I thrust my mouth slowly backwards and forwards, but only for a minute or so. I could see Tim watching and smiling. I took him by the hand and we climbed into the spa, closely followed by Tim. We all chatted a little and laughed. A few lines about don't be afraid to ask and to play, it's all fine. I then straddled him and started to kiss him, it was more relaxed now. The great thing about a spa is you can't see what's happening under the water, it could be anyone's hands and if you're in the right spot, well, I've cum a few times in that thing.

Whilst we kissed, I manoeuvred myself forwards and lowered myself onto him. What a feeling. My man stroking my back and this guy kissing me and now inside me. "Tim, I think you should know he's inside me," I said with a cheeky grin on my face, slowly grinding my hips. It was very good indeed and I was very wet.

This continued for a while. There were times where I was sucking him as he sat on the edge of the spa, other times I was sucking Tim. I sometimes lay back and one or both of them were sliding their fingers in and out of me, sucking my nipples or just caressing me. It was heaven. However, there comes a point where the bedroom will give more stability and options. So out we jumped and headed there. This is where it really gets good. Lets just say that it's now Sunday night and I'm still wet and making myself cum. and I'll leave it there for now... to be continued in my next blog.


Tracy xx

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