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DATING A UNICORN, A NIGHT TO REMEMBER Part 2 of 2 from admin's blog

Online dating can be so much fun! I may not have mentioned that I think my beautiful men made me cum at least three times before we left the spa. There was definitely a moment when I knocked my glass of red wine into the spa with my head.  Yep – that good!

Before you get upset that perhaps we are ‘talking out of school’, we did tell our sexy hot young man about our dating club and that he would perhaps be a feature on my blog.  I hope he’s reading and smiling!

So, we head to the boudoir, wrapped in towels … and look, to be honest I was in such a fantasy world that I’m not really sure who was doing what to whom once we piled onto the bed. All I can say is - there was kissing, lots of passionate kissing.  He had really strong lips and eventually, when he relaxing into us, his tongue became more playful.  YUM. I think that Tim encouraging him to please me helped.  Tim has a beautifully, soft, passionate kiss, and the contrast was very exciting. After spending a little time playing with B (as we will call him), sucking and licking him, I lay on the bed with Tim beside me and Tim told him to fuck me.  Oh wow, here we go.  So he’s on top of me and I’m wet. He slides inside me, groaning and I’m staring at his beautiful face enjoying his enjoyment. Tim is beside me, stroking me, kissing me and encouraging him. I took Tim in my mouth as I ran my hands over B’s beautiful body. I’m a sucker for a nice chest on a man -  tick!  B and I are both very visual, as we found during our pre-chats.  So when our eyes met, we both had that gushy moment.  There were a few of those moment throughout the night. 

Tim loves it when I cum, and it wasn’t long before him kissing me and, well, that was enough for me.  I felt like my body was exploding. Hot guy and the love of my life – as if I wasn’t going to cum. As I came, he was looking at me and groaning. “Can you feel that?” I asked.  Yeah, he could and he loved it. My pussy tightening, gripping him and almost pushing him out of me.

I then swapped positions with him, my turn to be in control. I slid my wet pussy on to him and had my hands on his chest. He had his hands on my legs, encouraging me to fuck him.  Tim leaned across him and kissed me and told me to cum on him.  B was sliding in and out of my wet pussy so easily and it felt so good.  I pushed back and rode him, slowly and deeply at first, until I just couldn’t wait any longer.  I pushed harder on top of him and was moving back and forth faster and faster.  Tim was looking at my face and I heard him tell B that I was going to cum.  B smiled and I could tell that was hot for him too. That was all the encouragement I needed as I exploded again all over him. Tim’s face said it all as I kept moving up and down on B’s hard cock, waves of orgasm passing through me. I climbed off and put myself in doggy position on the edge of the bed. Tim slid himself underneath me and started to lick me and B grabbed my hips and slid himself deep inside me. That was heaven! To be licked and taken from behind is definitely something to try. To feel him sliding in and out of me as I felt Tim’s tongue playing with me, his lips sucking onto my clit. Again, what an orgasm! Now it was my turn. Laying B on the bed, I mounted him again. Tim positioned himself behind me and I lent forward, passionately kissing as Tim caressed my ass and was stroking me from behind, rubbing my cum everywhere with his fingers.  I knew exactly what he was doing and I was watching B’s face intently. Then Tim rubbed his hard penis up and down the crack of my ass and then slowly entered me from behind. B wasn’t aware of what Tim was up to and certainly wasn’t expecting that sensation. He was extremely sensitive and he groaned and grabbed me tight.  I kept moving slowly up and down on B with Tim in my ass, enjoying the feeling of two men inside me at once, as Tim slowly moved in and out of me.  Another moment – tick that box! And surprisingly the best part of it was B’s reaction. “He’s fucking me up the ass, you weren’t expecting that, were you?” I said to him, with a cheeky smile on my face. He was pleasantly surprised and very turned on.

We swapped positions again and B was on top of me. I could feel him getting harder inside me and as he pushed deep inside me I could tell he was almost there.  I wanted his cum inside me and so did Tim.  We were both encouraging him to cum and when he did it was awesome. He let go and filled me with his cum.  He was smiling again and Tim and I were exchanging that look, the one that said “and there it is”.

I can hear you asking, what about the condom?

In our recent swinging experiences, we have been very girl focused. And when I say we, I mean I.  Tonight was a little different for us.  To get a little clinical, Tim has had a vasectomy and I have a Merina IUD, so there was no issues around pregnancy.  We also have regular health checks, as everyone should.  For us, this was a bucket list moment. I wanted my Manicorn to cum inside me.  We discussed this with B over drinks and we were all comfortable with the decision to bareback into the evening.

I then climbed on top of Tim whilst B had a moment to recover.  We kissed deeply and whispered to each other about how much fun that was and how cum really is the best lube.  Tim was very hard and very turned on by what he had just watched.  Tim suggested that now would be a great time for B to taste the mix of my cum and his, as he prepared me for the cross.  He buckled the cuffs on my wrists and ankles and attached my arms and legs to the cross.  I was facing them both, cum dripping down my leg, and unable to move.  Tim put the blindfold over my eyes and then ran the soft flogging whip across my arms, tickling my breasts, my legs and caressing my inner thighs.  I pushed myself closer to him and as I moved he quickly spanked me on the thigh with the horse whip.  If you're not sure what these are, they're are hanging on the sides of the cross in my previous post.  It was hard enough to make me catch my breath and want more. B positioned himself at my feet and he started gently kissing my lips. Sucking and licking. Gently and then plunging his tongue inside me, and then gently again, teasing me.  Tim took my blindfold off and laid down on his side across the bottom of the bed. He began playing with himself.  Knowing that I would be enjoying his show, knowing that I love to watch.  The sensation of watching and being turned on, coupled by the feeling of B’s tongue teasing me as he held my ass firmly with his hands, made it difficult for me to concentrate on Tim’s show. It was difficult for me to keep my eyes open and then too hard not to want to watch.  I looked down at B enjoying my pussy as Tim kept teasing me visually.  TBC…

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