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I’ve Got A Manicorn To Swing With! from admin's blog

A plan is only good until you step out of the door! We know that, but we didn’t expect this one. Sometimes things go wrong…

We went on “date night” and got to the strip club. No queue, we walked confidently up to the bouncer. He scanned my licence and I was then informed I had been banned! Wow, but why? Yes, I had unfortunately touched a girl last time, it’s easy to forget where you are when you’re a swinger and you’ve had too many drinks. I was wrong and I knew that the second I did it. I walked calmly out surrounded by two bouncers and Tim and I left. But banned? How long? “Two months,” I was informed.

So, slightly embarrassed, we walked away, a knowing smug grin on Tim’s face. “That’s ok,” he said and we walked to the bar we had first passionately kissed in. We were out as friends that night, long ago, and I didn’t realise until that moment how I felt… a story for another day maybe.

The queue was huge for the club upstairs so I asked the bouncer if we had to join the back to get into the small bar downstairs…luckily he let us in. Hand over licence, “No, you’re banned by the strip club!” I couldn’t believe it; it was every venue in town. I had been banned for being abusive to a member of staff. Again, sorry, but really?

Deflated and now highly embarrassed we walked away. We knew the casino had a bar that didn’t scan people in so we headed there, had a couple of wines, met some weird and quirky people and caught an Uber home.

Now comes the problem. What do I write? Where is the horny story? It was a quiet evening and we spent the time chatting and laughing. The night was not a story to tell. We hadn’t even managed to catch up with the really hot couple from the Full Moon Party. Disaster!

So, here I am tonight with an extraordinary sequence of events. Sometimes things just happen when you least expect it. One word, Manicorn.

We often hang out naked at a secluded beach. It’s well known and frequented by mostly gay men. We chat with some of them and have developed beach friendships. There are other couples sometimes, one couple we would love to get to know but it isn’t really the norm to just wander up to people and chat when you are getting rid of those tan lines. We had a stroll by the water, said hi to a few people wandering past and to a young man by the water’s edge. He was tall, dark and handsome. Not a six pack but fit. The kind of fit that says he doesn’t obsess about the gym but certainly offers great eye candy. We strolled off and lay on our loungers and he strolled past off up the beach. I remember saying to Tim “It’s a shame he didn’t have a stiffy,” as he walked past. I think all men should walk around on the beach showing their different shapes and sizes of manhood. That’s much more interesting.

We stayed in our usual shady spot all day and after a few hours he strolled past again. Now, we can be quite the talkative couple, we said hi, struck up a conversation about where he’s from, and how we had our nice little spot in the shade that we frequent each time. We chatted and invited him to come and join us. His spot was in the sun and it was a hot day!

Returning with his towel, he placed himself next to Tim. In this time, Tim and I had looked at each other knowingly, we knew we were playing a game here. We had that quick chat, he’s hot. We don’t usually play with men. This could be hot. He’s got a big dick. I’m back into dicks all of a sudden, shall we?

He made the correct move, he put himself in a spot that was inclusive to both of us, not pushy. We chatted, what do you do, where do you live, do you play and are you gay? He gave all the correct answers. By this time, I was literally dripping onto the lounger! It’s funny because Tim can be a terrible tease, he’ll throw in those mind blowing, but completely open and honest questions that can throw the most confident of people, but you need to know this stuff. We excused ourselves for a quick dip and sat in the shallows for conversation number two. “I want to see him fuck you,” he said. “In fact, I want to see him fucking you from behind whilst you suck my dick, so I can look into your eyes and watch you cum!” Wow! We don’t do men really. We swing with couples, but a single early 20’s hot guy with a big dick, it was suddenly a reality that we hadn’t even planned.

Back we went. By now I was convinced, incredibly wet and up for it. So, as Tim had suggested, the flirting began. We all chatted, how often have you been with couples, who, we want to play with you if you would like to play with us? We had swinger couples in common. The good crowd that we had met online and at parties. This was too good to be true. Then Tim excused himself. I knew what he was doing, he was the barrier person in the middle between him and me and he gave me that knowing double squeeze of the leg as he got up and strolled towards the water. So here was my chance to seal the deal!

Tim was in the water floating around, knowingly watching me. I gave him a wave, he waved back and then I knew what to do. I told Steve (made up name) how I loved to see erect men. He should make that hard for me, play with himself, show me how big it got. I was lying on my front so a turned over towards him so he could see my breasts and I kept my legs together, teasing him. He stroked his penis and it grew, it was a great size. Not too big to handle but larger than Tim’s, but the same make and model if you know what I mean. I like them straight and in proportion, his was all that, and to watch him playing, well, you know. I slowly opened my legs up to give him full view. I could see him trying to glance down but in an awkwardly polite way. I had no such issues watching him. Tim was watching from his floating position and we chatted and I watched him play with himself for five minutes or so until Tim returned.

That was it. We were all in. We talked about catching up and playing the night away and that I had a bucket list event I wanted to fulfil. Of course, Tim brought it up. “Tracy has something she wants to do Steve, she’ll tell you. Oh dear, well, yes. Actually no. You ask him. “OK, how would you feel if Tracy sits on top of you and rides you and I’m going to 

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Tracy xx

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