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Creampies and Unicorns from admin's blog

I must admit, I'm more than a little excited about tomorrow. The male unicorn or manicorn as I'll call him. I'm not sure he should be a unicorn at all because single girls who want a MFF can be rare but single men who want to join a couple...well...

We've sent a few messages this week, since meeting at the nude beach, and that has made me pretty wet and horny all week. It's all part of the fun, the odd flirty message and nude pic from both sides. Tim is always part of it and although he isn't on the messages, I always copy them to him. It lets me have a little fun and also keeps it real. After all, he might be very cute and very young with a gorgeous chest and large dick, but he's not my special person. My special person encourages me to be naughty and flirty and I do the same for him with girls. That's only fair and it's the fantasy of it all. But the reality, at the end of the day, is the debrief afterwards with my gorgeous man, and the dirty talk when we are alone in bed that night reliving the moment. It also lasts a lot longer!

So, I hope he arrives. It's a little tenuous, manicorn has a party he has to attend but we all hope it finishes early enough to pay a visit. The plan is drinks with chat and flirting, spa with touching, playing and kissing and then off to the bedroom for all three of us. I'll let your imagination go from there and we hope to get a few anonymous pics if he's ok with it.

Let's move on. My question is this. If you're not sure what a creamie is, it's when he comes inside you. That awesome feeling of him getting so hard, moaning in your ear, and afterwards you have the best lube in the world to play with. I always make myself cum afterwards by rubbing it all over those parts that require it... it's divine!

What we have tried recently is slightly different, it has always been a bit of dirty talk whilst shagging / making love, whatever the mood is. "I'm going to cum inside you and then lick you out," says Tim. It's horny and edgy and, OMG, we do edgy! Then, a few weeks ago, he did! He came so deeply inside me whilst I was on top, then slid down between my legs and started to lick me. It was heaven! I'd just cum too and I was sensitive and wet and his tongue was licking my clit and probing inside me. After a few minutes he rolled me off his face, lay on top of me and kissed me. That passionate, wet, mouth full of tongues kissing. The difference this time was the wet was all of that cum he had eaten out of me, and I could taste our juices. Soooo hot!

So, what do you reckon? I'd love to hear from both sides. Hot or not? Would you? Would you like to? For me it was amazing, we'll be doing that again! What do you think?

Tracy xx

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