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Come and read my blogs for an insight into the world of the alternative lifestyle we lead. I'll be telling the stories of our meets and how it went, discussing my thoughts and giving details of those ever so horny moments! If you'd like to contribute, send in your questions or stories and I'll publish them here. Tracy xx

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It seems that polyamory is still on the fringe of society. What a shame! Let's keep pushing for acceptance. Here is the reply from a major advertiser :

Your dating service could not be approved as a dating partner as it does not comply with ******** Advertising Policies.

Ad accounts are evaluated for policy compliance and quality of ad content. Ads may not promote dating sites that have a sexual emphasis, such as sites with “couple” or “group” options. Promotion of casual dating, hook-ups, affairs and “mail-order brides” are also prohibited.

Your thoughts?

Tracy xx

admin Jan 22 '20 · Tags: #alt, #bi, #polyamory, #altlifestyle
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