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Come and read my blogs for an insight into the world of the alternative lifestyle we lead. I'll be telling the stories of our meets and how it went, discussing my thoughts and giving details of those ever so horny moments! If you'd like to contribute, send in your questions or stories and I'll publish them here. Tracy xx

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We are now putting in place an exciting new concept in free advertising for adult venues.

It's sometimes difficult to find the best adult clubs and where they are, so we have amended the back end of the profiles so we can show clubs, venues and resorts as profiles. You will also be able to comment on your experience with them.

This means you will have a link to their site, their profile will show "club" next to their picture and, more importantly, you will be able to search for clubs in your area. We hope this will be particularly helpful if you are travelling!

We have contacted some clubs to see if they are interested in advertising for free so let's see how it works out... spread the word!

Tracy xx

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