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Come and read my blogs for an insight into the world of the alternative lifestyle we lead. I'll be telling the stories of our meets and how it went, discussing my thoughts and giving details of those ever so horny moments! If you'd like to contribute, send in your questions or stories and I'll publish them here. Tracy xx

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A plan is only good until you step out of the door! We know that, but we didn’t expect this one. Sometimes things go wrong…

We went on “date night” and got to the strip club. No queue, we walked confidently up to the bouncer. He scanned my licence and I was then informed I had been banned! Wow, but why? Yes, I had unfortunately touched a girl last time, it’s easy to forget where you are when you’re a swinger and you’ve had too many drinks. I was wrong and I knew that the second I did it. I walked calmly out surrounded by two bouncers... more

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