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Good Afternoon You Beautiful Dating People,

I'm sure we are all a little worried about ourselves, friends and family during this time. It's a huge stress for many who may have their jobs on the line, just like mine! You may have noticed that we have now added the question to your profiles so you can make an informed choice about meeting others who may have already recovered and hopefully be immune / non-carriers. After all, we just need to flatten that infection curve so the medical system can keep up and look after us all.

Just remember, there are ways to relax and relieve stress. Masturbation reportedly reduces stress and increases immune response. So, instead of meeting for that next date, why not meet online. We have incorporated messaging and video chat into the sites capability. That gives you something to do whilst the bars and clubs are shut.

No need to masturbate alone anymore! Do it with friends safely :). If you're not up for that, perhaps share a few naughty pictures. We should have a competition!

Tracy xx

Online dating can be so much fun! I may not have mentioned that I think my beautiful men made me cum at least three times before we left the spa. There was definitely a moment when I knocked my glass of red wine into the spa with my head.  Yep – that good!

Before you get upset that perhaps we are ‘talking out of school’, we did tell our sexy hot young man about our dating club and that he would perhaps be a feature on my blog.  I hope he’s reading and smiling!

So, we head to the boudoir, wrapped in towels …... more

It happens a lot in this game of sex, dating and people, and it is a game. We play and it's edgy and that's what Tim and I get off on. It's outside the norm and, as we were discussing today, it's not acceptable in society. If it was, we probably wouldn't be doing it.

So I send a couple of texts because I know our manicorn for the night is going to a party during the day. The kind of text that lets him off the hook and removes any pressure. "If you're free after the party, drop me a text and we'll let you know if we are still up and ready to play and you can come over"... nothing. That's ok, it happens for all manner of reasons. There's a girlfriend hidden away, maybe he's just backed out because it isn't easy meeting up with a couple on your own. So we make backup plans!... more

I must admit, I'm more than a little excited about tomorrow. The male unicorn or manicorn as I'll call him. I'm not sure he should be a unicorn at all because single girls who want a MFF can be rare but single men who want to join a couple...well...

We've sent a few messages this week, since meeting at the nude beach, and that has made me pretty wet and horny all week. It's all part of the fun, the odd flirty message and nude pic from both sides. ... more

A plan is only good until you step out of the door! We know that, but we didn’t expect this one. Sometimes things go wrong…

We went on “date night” and got to the strip club. No queue, we walked confidently up to the bouncer. He scanned my licence and I was then informed I had been banned! Wow, but why? Yes, I had unfortunately touched a girl last time, it’s easy to forget where you are when you’re a swinger and you’ve had too many drinks. I was wrong and I knew that the second I did it. I walked calmly out surrounded by two bouncers... more

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